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Coming Soon: Staff Page

August 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
Nine years is a long time to take up a whole mantle by yourself. For a while there, I had help from my amazing wife (co-founder of Photogeniuses, if you’re wondering what that ad is off to the side). Since we’ve had our son, the pressures of family life and professional life being compounded have taken a toll. It’s time to branch out and let some other artists put themselves out there under the banner of Lightcraft Entertainment. Between producing a web series and shooting upwards of 70 weddings a year, it doesn’t leave me much time for what most people would call “a life.”
That’s not to say I plan on growing into some corporate conglomerate with a dozen faceless employees that I’ll dispatch at random. Far from it. Lightcraft Entertainment will continue our mantra of personal attention. I simply believe it’s time to expand a little so that we can meet more of your needs, and incorporate a wider variety of style — therefore, expanding our appeal to a bigger audience. This also means more availability for you!
Stay tuned and be prepared to meet the new members of the family!


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