The 2013 Packages Are Here! (New Prices!)

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After deliberation over a period of months, numerous discussions with past clients, friends, family, and colleagues, it was decided that it was time for a change to my package pricing. For a few reasons:
1) The Work Load – Editing wedding videos is among the most arduous and time-consuming process you can imagine. For every hour of event coverage, you can safely multiply that number by four, and that’s about how long it takes to bring a product to fruition. So, if I cover your wedding for 8 hours, by the time I’m snapping the discs shut in their cases, I’ve spent an additional 32 hours making your video.
2) Comparison Shopping – Many companies in the area offer a high-end package that consists of the following: Two camera coverage, a highlights reel that recaps your day, and an edited version of your ceremony and reception footage that does little more than cut out the dead space. That’s it. And if you want your uncut footage, you have to pay extra… on top of the $2,500 you already shelled out. For the last few years, I have been offering wedding films containing anywhere from five to eight music montages, set to songs of your choice, plus all of the uncut footage for free. All for $1,300. Long story short: I’ve been doing triple the work for about half of the pay.
3) Upping the Ante – Every couple of years I take it upon myself to purchase new equipment in order to keep with the times, to make sure I’m offering the absolute best product possible. What was once a one-camera-one-man operation, has now grown significantly. I can offer two-camera coverage, and I’m going to do just that. But at a price that’s more than reasonable, and doesn’t charge more than is necessary. Once the party kicks off at a reception, having two fully-fledged camera people running around proves to be mostly pointless. You really only need two cameras for the special events. After the dancing starts, you’re paying someone to sit down for a half hour at a time as the camera people usually trade off. Not with us. 🙂
4) Helping Hands – Believe me when I say I’ve been doing this now for six years, and life is a lot easier when you have someone to help. Every single Lightcraft package now includes an assistant who will not only run a second camera for applicable packages, but will also be taking extra candid photos of your event. This is not a substitute for a professional photographer, but it is a nice bonus to have, especially considering most clients will receive their video and photos back from us before they receive their photography proofs!
So here we go! This is the new breakdown of prices for Lightcraft Entertainment Wedding Videography! And trust me, you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck!
All packages include 8 hours of coverage by the videographer, all shot in High Definition, usually amounting to about 3-4 hours of footage. All packages also include an extra disc of candid wedding photos taken by a Lightcraft assistant photographer.
Uncut Package – $1000
This is an uncut, single camera package. You receive all of your footage, separated by time of day, on DVD with custom menus. All DVDs will be packaged with custom artwork taken from the wedding footage.
Highlights Package – $1300
This is a documentary edit package. In addition to the Basic Package, you will receive an edited version of your ceremony and reception. Also, you will receive a highlights reel that recaps the whole day, set to two songs of your choice. Still images from the video can also be sent to you via email or posted on Facebook. You may also choose to have your Highlights posted to YouTube.
Cinema Package – $1600
This is the ultimate wedding package, previously called the “Total Package.” This includes 8 hours of coverage, including two cameras for your special events (the ceremony, toasts, and special dances). You receive all of your uncut footage as well as a fully edited (90+ minute) wedding film set to songs of your choice. You’re also able to select any of the montages in the video for uploading to YouTube so you can share them with friends and family around the world. All of the DVD menus and packaging are custom designed for you!


Blu-Ray Upgrades are available on all packages for only $50!!

There you have it! We’re keeping it simple and still offering the best in videography. Please feel free to email or call with any questions. Thank you for your continued support!


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