Meet Your Dream Team

Blake is an award-winning filmmaker and wedding cinematographer who has been shooting weddings right in the face since 2007. Since starting Lightcraft Entertainment in 2005 with the obnoxious and raunchy short film Bananas, he has been named the Best Wedding Videographer in Detroit twice, and ranked in the Top 5 Wedding Videographers in Metro Detroit every year since 2010. In addition to his career as a wedding vendor, Kleiner has also been featured in several film festivals for his narrative film work, produces a popular YouTube comedy series, and writes movie reviews for the Metro Detroit film blog Spoiler Free Movie Sleuth. He resides in Warren, MI with his wife Kynna (photographer extraordinaire at Photo Geniuses), and their son Clark.

“My mission as your wedding videographer is to create something truly amazing and wonderful from the memories of your day — something unforgettable. Video is the best medium to capture the essence of these momentous occasions, because a picture will never talk to you. That wedding photo on your mantle will never play the music of your first dance or capture the voices of your family and friends telling you how much they love you. My job, and my pleasure, is to be there to craft a loving time capsule that you will treasure for the years to come in a way that will make you want to return to that special time in your lives over and over again. And I do not rest until it’s done exactly right.”

— Blake Kleiner

Kynna (pronounced Kee-nah) began her career as a visual artist at an early age. Starting out as a painter of both digital and practical canvas with a stylistic edge in abstract and fantasy, she made a life-changing move seven years ago when she picked up her first Canon DSLR. The rest, as they say, is history. Since then, Kynna has worked nonstop in the field of event and portrait photography, shooting well over 100 weddings and assisting as a second videographer on many more. Her talent is rivaled only by undying passion for her work, and the love she holds in her heart for her family. As a mother of a rambunctious little boy, she has the patience of a saint, and this comes in handy when photographing events and portrait sessions with small children. This virtue has earned her the indelible nickname of “The Child Whisperer.”

“My goal as your photographer is to put a unique spin on the best days of your life. I love catching the little moments that happen between couples, families, and children. If you’re looking for an upbeat and artsy photographer who will do everything she can to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, here I am!”

-Kynna Kleiner

Sarah’s dream of becoming a photographer and videographer began in 2011, when she bought her first camera. Now she calls herself “beyond blessed” to have found her calling, having relentlessly pursued turning her favorite hobby into a career. Despite the hard work and long hours, Sarah feels now she doesn’t really have to work a day in her life. She joined the Lightcraft crew in 2015, where her style and talent continue to evolve into something truly special.

“My mission as your wedding videographer is to see things that you’re unable to see while you’re busy on your wedding day and help you to relive those sights and sounds for years to come. I don’t sit back and wait for the moments to come to me and I’m not going to give you a wedding film that looks just like your best friend’s from last season. It is my highest hope to capture your wedding in a very customized, personal way. After all, it is your wedding day, isn’t it?! You deserve to have these important memories captured and preserved in a way that will stand out among the rest.”

— Sarah Merritt